March 19, 2006

ID Cards and Leg/Reg breaking into the mainstream

Tim Worstall has a reproduction of an email that has been going around showing the extent of the 'mission creep' set for ID Cards once they come in. Luckily it is not just Hte Interweb that is now talking about them, these issues are beginning to break out into the Mainstream media according to Longrider, I cannot confirm this not owning a Television but Rory Bremner publicizing the issues is going to bring them to a much wider audience than ever knew about them before. Just a shame it has taken so long as I doubt that it is going to be enough to stop it, having already passed it's second reading.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, he said it alright... I did try to see if there was a transcript anywhere, but there wasn't. I still have the show on my DVD player, so can confirm the veracity of my statements. ;)

4:57 pm  
Blogger chris said...

I would ask to borrow it since 'Bremner, Bird, and Fortune' was one of the few shows that I really miss. But I don't have a DVD player either so there is not much point.

10:41 pm  

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